Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mission San Carlos Borroméo de Carmelo

'Mission San Carlos Borroméo de Carmelo'
Oil on Board
16 x 12

Monday was a gorgeous day in Carmel, California. After days of gray gloom and soggy rain the sun popped out and made everything glow! I had not painted this mission before and was intrigued with the prospect, so after scouting out my spotjumped in with verve and painted the front facade of the chapel. This mission was originally built in 1770 and you can still see parts of the original hand built walls and domes. The history of this mission is very fascinating.  There is a graveyard on site as well and I marveled at the dates on one of the tombstones, b 1899 d 1989  that has got to be one of the most radicaly changing centuries to have lived through - from horse and buggy to the age of the internet and everything inbetween.

This painting will be part of an upcoming show at the The Los Gatos Museum featuring works of the Los Gatos Art Associations plein air painters. See sidebar for more information. 

Painting in Big Sur

'Big Sur' Oil on Linen Panel 9 x 12 SOLD