Monday, March 8, 2010

The day after an art opening.

Hilarious, today was just one of those days when nothing came together, and everything I touched turned into a big mess - literally. As I dashed out the door to meet up with my painter friends in Morgan Hill, I grabbed my trusty painting coat only to find I had managed to drag it through dioxanene purple at last wear. If you know this color, you know how pervasive it is, just like pthalo blue...   so purple paint everyhwere - all over my hands, all over my now new pair of painting pants, my face etc....   oh well, off I go to create a masterpiece. After meeting my buds, 2 of us decide we'd rather paint elsewhere, but I can't seem to get focused and get moving, I'd rather take pictures of everyone with my phone... finally I leave - but by now my painting partner has already disappeared so I venture off solo to find something really interesting!

I drive through neighborhoods that don't belong where nature and wildlife do, and finally settle in on an old truck in a pasture with cows.

Friendly cows!

Cows that I would love to paint but that never stand still long enough to let me get them down on canvas. But these cows somehow sense that I'd rather paint the truck today than paint them, so they make a point to show me just how very great they are. They moo, they poop, they pee, they stick out their - OMG! They sniff at me with huge rubbery wet noses and I pet their scruffy enormous heads. And yes, they really are quite great.

But I still want to paint that truck...  

So I say - "hey move it!" - and - they do!

And I paint my truck.

I call this one 'Old Friend'.

oil on board
12 x 16

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Penny said...

Love it, great, great story! Ending up with great painting!

Painting in Big Sur

'Big Sur' Oil on Linen Panel 9 x 12 SOLD